17 January 2015

Open Door // Open Call_ Nesrin Esirtgen Collection_ Exhibition (2015)

This installation composed of three works is based on how we are influenced by words and images. While the paper work Serendipity & Kairos undoubtedly focuses on form and literary dimension, the triptych photograph entitled - Windfall ! and the video entitled Last Call underline certain textual and editorial codes originating from cinema aesthetics. The word “- Windfall !” on the photograph appearing as a movie’s subtitles has an open ended fictional characteristic. The video, on the other hand, includes 8 movie intros. The flow of the video footage and the fictional names I prepared during editing transform the video into a surreal, an ironically never starting, fictional movie. In spite of the different dynamics they carry, these three works share the common ground of fictional open endedness and fantasy dimension. 

Serendipity & Kairos
Paper framed in glass sandwich, 27,5cm x 27,5cm x 5cm, 2014

- Windfall !
C-print in black wooden frame, 140 cm x 50 cm x 4 cm, 2014

Last Call
Single channel video, stereo sound, 9’42’’ (loop), 
 black wooden frame, 22,5 cm x 28 cm x 4 cm, 2014

Open Call // Open Door
Nesrin Esirtgen Collection
20 january - 6 March 2015