13 October 2009

"CLASSIC"_ Exhibition (2009)

Babel Or A Lost Cause, 2009
Sugar, neon, plexiglass, paper, 60 x 60 x 60 cm

This installation represents the ascension of Babel Tower with an eatable and breakable material which is sugar.
Sugar gives to this pretentous symbol a ludicrous dimension.

Curator: Ali Şimşek
Opening: 13 october 2009, 7 pm
Location: gallery Daire Sanat, Istanbul
14 october - 13 november 2009

Artists: Nazan Azeri, Sibel Diker, Tina Fischer, Genco Gülan, İbrahim Koç, Özgür Korkmazgil, Aysun Öner, Mustafa Özel, Pet05, Neslihan Sesalan, Firuzan Şimşek

05 June 2009


A Way To Escape, 2009
Ball-point pen, various sizes

I draw fingers which are separeted of their bodies. At first, I draw them with black ball-point pen on A4 paper and then I enlarge them via a printing machine. Strangely, fine lines of the drawings seem to be porous. Paradoxically, my drawings look much more handcrafted after using a machine.