05 November 2007

FESTIVAL INSTANTS VIDEO_ Video festival (2007)

, 2007
Video, 1 stereo tape, no soundtrack (loop)

My mother and my grandmother's eyes.
My mother is looking staring at the lens of the camera. The second eye -my grandmother's eye- disturbs slowly this quiet observation. The frame's superpositions give to this video an organic texture. Then, a silent dialogue between those eyes seems to begin.

"Anneanne" ve "Pneuma" have been shown in november 29, 2007 at the 20th Instants Video Festival in Marseille

TURN ON THE LIGHT SHE SAID_ Exhibition (2007)

Home Sweet Home, 2007
Sugar, neon, 1,20 m x 20 cm

A sugar wall.
I choose to work the concept of defence via a daily, perishable and active material. Built on an elementary system of balance, this "fortification" is in contradiction with the representation of security.

"Turn On the Light, She Said"
Curator: Collectif Vacancy
Opening: 8 may 2007, 6 pm
Location: La Générale, Paris
9 may 2007 - 10 may 2007

Artists: Cédric Anglaret, Argentinelee, Cecile Kiroz, Sibel Diker, Audrey Douanne, Chloé Duloquin, Pauline Fouché, Alice Gervaise, Romain Huteau, Olivier Lapert, Martin Lord, Romain Métivier, Axel Rogier-Waeselynck, Michael Versepuy, Yu-Jun Ye

49M²_ Exhibition (2007)

"49 M²"

Curator: Collectif Vacancy
Opening: 18 february 2007, 6 pm
Location: Paris 18

Artists: Sibe Diker, Audrey Douanne, Noémie Flament, Pauline Fouché, Alice Gervaise, Romain Huteau, Anna Lopez Luna, Caroline Monoury