05 November 2007

TURN ON THE LIGHT SHE SAID_ Exhibition (2007)

Home Sweet Home, 2007
Sugar, neon, 1,20 m x 20 cm

A sugar wall.
I choose to work the concept of defence via a daily, perishable and active material. Built on an elementary system of balance, this "fortification" is in contradiction with the representation of security.

"Turn On the Light, She Said"
Curator: Collectif Vacancy
Opening: 8 may 2007, 6 pm
Location: La Générale, Paris
9 may 2007 - 10 may 2007

Artists: Cédric Anglaret, Argentinelee, Cecile Kiroz, Sibel Diker, Audrey Douanne, Chloé Duloquin, Pauline Fouché, Alice Gervaise, Romain Huteau, Olivier Lapert, Martin Lord, Romain Métivier, Axel Rogier-Waeselynck, Michael Versepuy, Yu-Jun Ye