03 November 2005

KEEP TOGETHER_ Exhibition (2005)

Istiklal Caddesi Or Independent Avenue, 2005
Video, 1 stereo tape, (loop)

Composed of one sequence shot, this video shows the ceaseless flow of the passerbies on Istiklal Caddesi -Independence Avenue- through a window. Then, the video creates, with the superpositions of various plans which belong to the same sequence, the feeling of "a visual swinging".

"Keep Together"
Curators: Constance DeWilliencourt, Mélissande Gallet, Julie Briand
Opening: 25 november 2005, 6 pm
Location: En Court, Paris
25 november - 27 november 2005

Artists: Cédric Anglaret, Sibel Diker, Audrey Douanne, Chloé Duloquin, Pauline Fouché, Sophie Kélédjian, Olivier Lapert, Anna Lopez Luna, Valérie Pézart

WAITING FOR_ Exhibition (2005)

Crimea, 2005
Video, 1 stereo tape, 6'42'' (loop)

A woman -quasy ghostly- saunders continuously as a tightrope walker on the roof of a bilding and stops regulary to look around. The search of heigh and loneliness, out of and in front of the society, gives her a better observation of the world. The choreography of her displacement and her isolation refer to a circulation in a labyrinth. This video, close to German Romantic period, is based on the topics of walking and contemplation.

"Waiting For"
Opening: 17 november 2005, 6 pm
Location: Gallery La Vitrine, Paris
18 november - 03 december 2005

Artists: Sibel Diker, Audrey Douanne, Caroline Dubois, Julie Favreau, Pauline Fouché

CHAPITRE 2_ Exhibition (2005)

Map On Three Lines, 2005
Installation in situ/ Polypropylene rope, various sizes

This installation consists in a red rope invasion in the park. The lines, which are built according to the principe of the rhizome in reference to Capitalism and Schizophrenia (Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari), "territorialized" the space of the park. The frequency of the passage of ropes varies according to the density of the surrounding vegetation.

"Chapitre 2"
Location: Abbaye de Maubuisson, Cergy
Opening: 09 june 2005, 6 pm
03 - 26 june 2005

Artists: Cédric Anglaret, Laetitia Badaut_Haussmann, Nicolas Bralet, Antoine Couret, Sibel Diker, Audrey Douanne, Chloé Duloquin, Thomas Hanff, Romain Huteau, Olivier Lapert, Anna Lopez Luna, Natalia Marrero, Mathieu Meillant, Mlle M, Jorge Nunez, Catherine Pachowski, Pézart Vaquet, Annabela Tournon, Sonja Zlatanova