03 November 2005

KEEP TOGETHER_ Exhibition (2005)

Istiklal Caddesi Or Independent Avenue, 2005
Video, 1 stereo tape, (loop)

Composed of one sequence shot, this video shows the ceaseless flow of the passerbies on Istiklal Caddesi -Independence Avenue- through a window. Then, the video creates, with the superpositions of various plans which belong to the same sequence, the feeling of "a visual swinging".

"Keep Together"
Curators: Constance DeWilliencourt, Mélissande Gallet, Julie Briand
Opening: 25 november 2005, 6 pm
Location: En Court, Paris
25 november - 27 november 2005

Artists: Cédric Anglaret, Sibel Diker, Audrey Douanne, Chloé Duloquin, Pauline Fouché, Sophie Kélédjian, Olivier Lapert, Anna Lopez Luna, Valérie Pézart