05 November 2008


Experiment n°1 (sponge and yogurt), 2008
Installation in situ/ Sponge, yogurt, wood, 1 m x 1 m x 1 m

An imposing square sponge soaked with yogurt.
This precarious installation quickly undergoes the effects of time and of the weather conditions. With the assistance of the released element which is the yogurt, the sponge becomes the absorbing matter and the place of reception for new micro-organisms during the exhibition and in connection with the vegetation which already has its place in the garden. The installation reacts independently of my will, as in a laboratory experiment.

Experiment n°2 (soap), 2008
Installation in situ/ Soap, aluminium, wood, 1,20 x 60 cm

This work is in echo with Experiment n°1 because this work is also subjected to the sands of time with a perishable material. The installation exists thanks to the soap but it is correspondingly and paradoxically subjected to the perishing of its substance. What realizes it materially is also endangering its life span.

Temporary Disturbance, 2008
Installation in situ/ Polypropylene rope, various sizes

Untitled, 2008
Installation/ Pearl buttons, wood, plastic, 50 cm x 40 cm

"Comment j'ai raconté un roman sur une salade"
Curator: Michel Jourdheuil
Opening: 17 may 2008, 2 pm
Location: Grisy-les-Plâtres, Cergy
18 may - 25 october 2008