05 November 2006

BLACK SEA (2006)

Black Sea, 2006
Video installation/ 3 video projectors, 1 TV monitor, 2 stereo tapes (loop)

Composed of three video projections and a TV monitor, this installation creates a panoramic landscape through the fragmentations of various points of view. The constancy of the images, as well as the absence of human being, put the viewer in a contemplative exercice and in a physical displacement within the installation. In this video projection, the approach of the landscape imply -as in the European and Asian history of art- the notions of ascencion and of motion. The monitor is distinguished from the projections by its small size but more especially by its soundtrack which refers to a brutal reality -of engines boats around- and finally, by the movement of the camera which, in a subjective way, films a displacement in loop along the stone wall of the port. Here the TV monitor's subject is, in opposition to the video projections, clearly about walking.

DNSEP 2006